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Class I: Neighborhood restaurants

These are the restaurants that you would want to visit regularly. You can take your friends/parents/boo/siblings, or even yourself out to these for a casual night dining out.

Class II: Date night restaurants 

Of course you can take your friends/parents/siblings here too. These restaurants are in their separate class because of the ambiances are usually darker, quieter, and more intimate. Yes, you want to dress up a little.

Class III: Splurge restaurants

Got a new job? Finished a huge project? Birthday? Anniversary? It's time to celebrate and maybe splurge a little! These restaurants are usually pretty pricey, but the food and service you get is so amazing that you are paying for a wonderful experience too. You would want to get your A-game on when it comes to dress code.

Price vs. Value Q+A

Q: How is "Price" calculated?

A: "Price" is a running average of the price we (the blog members) paid when we visited the restaurants. It is also adjusted a little bit by the quantity of the food you get (adding jitters). We do this because we don't want the dots to overlap on top of each other. 

Q: How is "Value" calculated?

A: "Value" is a rating, and just like all ratings, they were given based on our dining experiences and opinions, which you might agree or disagree. We try to take as many factors as possible into considerations. The three major factors are: quality of food, quantity of food, and service.
We start with a food quality score (which is a measure of how delicious the food is), then this score could be boosted or discounted by quantity (how much you are getting for your money), service, and sometimes other factors such as ambience or consistency. Then, a letter grade is assigned based on the "Value".

Q: If I don't see a restaurant on the list, what dose it mean?

A: It could mean one of the two things: 1. we never visited the restaurant, therefore can't give you recommendations; or 2. we visited it and didn't like it. We try to keep our review positive, therefore only the restaurant who obtains a score of 70 and above are listed. 

Q: Are there going to be reviews for these restaurants in the main blog sections?

A: Maybe. We focus more on education and less on review. We might do a one-sentence review someday in this section.

Q: Are there going to be some vegetarian restaurant/options?

A: Yes! Stay tuned! Currently in data collection/construction phase!

Rant: Why does x restaurant get a lower grade than y restaurant? Why do you only rate x restaurant a B? What don't you like about it? You guys suck! Your opinions don't matter!!! 

Chill buddy. We merely want to provide you an helpful/intuitive chart for choosing your going-out destinations. We never meant to start a war. As said, you might agree and disagree with our opinions, and that's how all the reviews work.

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